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Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky
LSJ 329
Seattle Campus

Immigration, Citizenship, and Rights

A sociological examination of citizenship. Focus on how immigration law and polices shape divers meanings, practices, and statues, of citizenship in varied context, Topics include migration theories, state control, stage of legal status, relationship to race and gender ideology, as well as labor and civil society, in shaping membership and rights.

Class description

In this course, we will examine the relationship between citizenship and migration and the impact on rights, broadly defined, in the U.S. How do experiences intersect with law and policy in daily life in constructing membership as an immigrant and citizen, shaping a sense of belonging, and framing one's experience of rights? This course is a sociological examination of formations of political and social memberships that materialize in legislative form, varied stages in documenting status, and of citizens and migrantsí daily experiences in the U.S. Key questions that will be examined throughout the term include: How do states make citizens? How do citizens make states? What does this process look like? What is the consequential impact on social, economic, political and cultural life? Much of our coursework will pay close attention to two major spaces through which citizen[ship] is shaped and contested: identity [race and gender structures] and the social order [labor]. Students are expected to have a basic familiarity with discourses in race, gender and in studies of migration, inequality and globalization.

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