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Steve P Calandrillo
LAW A 501
Seattle Campus


Class description

Contract law deals with the making and breaking of promises, and the consequences that stem from those actions. It is largely a common-law subject, meaning judicial interpretation, custom and tradition, rather than just statutory rules, have shaped contract law over time. However, we must still strive to take an integrated approach to contract law – because some promises can be broken with impunity while shattering others has severe consequences.

So, in taking this class, think carefully about how to best structure a societal approach to contract formation and enforcement. For instance, what criteria should determine which promises we will enforce and which ones we will not? And what should be the remedy if one’s promise is broken? Keep in mind, it can destroy the value of a person’s word if we do not allow them to enter into a contract, or if we refuse to enforce the one they have already signed.

Some of the primary goals of this class are to: · Analyze cases and learn basic principles of contract law by reading cases · Understand how different courts apply contract law and achieve varying results · Apply precedent and contract law to new factual situations · Learn how to interpret contracts using various methods and approaches · Understand some of the basic policy considerations involved in contract law and judicial decision making

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Case-based, plus substantial supplement featuring public policy perspectives on contract law.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Cases and law review pieces.

10% midterm, 90% final exam.

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