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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Harvey S Schiller
LAB M 420
Seattle Campus

Laboratory Analysis of Urine and Body Fluids

Lecture and laboratory covering urinalysis testing procedures and associated disease entities. Analysis of other body fluids. Methods of microscopic examination by use of bright-field, phase, and polarizing microscopy. Limited to medical technology students. Offered: A.

Class description

Lab M 420 will include 11 lectures and four laboratory exercises. Topics will cover 1) proper collection and physical and chemical analysis of urine, 2) macro and microscopic examination of urine sediment, 3) renal function and renal and metabolic diseases which alter urine findings,4) macroscopic and microscopic analysis of other body fluids, including CSF, serous and synovial body fluids, semen, fecal and amniotic fluids.

Student learning goals

Students will learn how to process urine samples and how to assess the macroscopic appearance of urine.

Students will be able to evaluate urine sediment microscopically, identifying all cell types, various crystals and various casts.

Students will be able to correlate abnormal microscopic findings with clinical diseases.

Students will understand and be able to explain the various chemical tests performed on urine, how to analyze the tests and what clinical implications result from these findings.

Students will be able to identify cell types in various body fluids and be able to explain the clinical significance of these findings.

General method of instruction

Students will learn from didactic lectures, laboratory exercises and available images.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/06/2012