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Scott B. Radnitz
JSIS 495
Seattle Campus

Task Force

Small-group seminars address current problems in international affairs, each focusing on one specific policy question and producing a joint task force report. Restricted to senior majors in International Studies. Prerequisite: JSIS 200; JSIS 201; JSIS 202.

Class description

US Policy Toward Russia and its Neighbors: Are We Putin in a Good Effort?

The former Soviet Union provides more than its share of challenges for the rest of the world: loose nuclear weapons, "frozen" conflicts, drug trafficking, repressive governments, Islamist insurgency, and a wealth of energy resources. American relations with Russia have waxed and waned over the years. After reaching their nadir in 2008, relations improved steadily until the disputed Russian election in 2012. Now the White House is faced with how to manage an irascible Russian president and his coterie of officials from the security sector, along with ongoing conflicts in the Caucasus, fragile regimes in Central Asia, and renewed autocracy in Ukraine. The Middle East may be America's top priority, but the president ignores Russia and its neighbors at his peril. This task force will instruct him on how to manage, if not prevent, the next crisis that will inevitably emerge from the region. Please note that this course is open only to JSIS seniors.

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