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Donald C Hellmann
SIS 590
Seattle Campus

Special Topics

Seminar. Course content varies. Offered occasionally by visiting or resident faculty.

Class description

America and Asia in the Global System

Soon East Asia, led by a resurgent China, will surpass North America and the European Community to become the largest economic region in the world. This shift in power to a part of the non-Western world is unprecedented since the industrial revolution led to the modern international system. What are the political/economic and technological forces driving this change? How will the current hegemon cope with the challenge? Is the current array of multilateral institutions, built on Western democratic/capitalist ideals, suitable for the transformed world? This course will review the literature on the “Asian century” and explore three issues: the international dimensions of the Korean problem; the accelerating effort to create an Asian economic/political community; and the U.S. approach to Asia in the post-Cold War, post-9/11 era. Webcasts of Asian professors and political/economic leaders will be integrated into the course, and selected leaders of the Northwest community will be invited to attend the webcasts. Course limited to 25 undergraduate and graduate students who have academic background in Asia or international relations (grad student require instructor’s permission).

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