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Scott B. Radnitz
SIS 495
Seattle Campus

Task Force

Small-group seminars address current problems in international affairs, each focusing on one specific policy question and producing a joint task force report. Restricted to senior majors in International Studies. Prerequisite: SIS 200; SIS 201; SIS 202; SIS 401.

Class description

Since the end of the Cold War, promoting the spread of democracy around the world has been a major element of U.S. foreign policy. Based on the premise that a world with more democracies will be more peaceful and prosperous—and hence beneficial to US interests—the US has invested billions of dollars in a multitude of programs to create and strengthen democratic institutions abroad. In recent years, however, many countries from the “third wave” of transitions have disappointed, either stalling in a “gray zone” or sliding back into authoritarianism. This task force will reexamine US policy toward democracy assistance and recommend a new strategy. It will evaluate the effectiveness of past democracy promotion efforts and draw up a new set of recommendations. Issues include whether democracy promotion is still in US interests, and if so, what regions/countries should be targeted, what aspects of democracy should be emphasized (e.g. civil society, governance, rule of law), and what approaches would be most effective in maximizing the return on aid.

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