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Arzoo Osanloo
SIS 490
Seattle Campus

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Scholars have long noted the disparate impact of war and state security apparatuses on the lives of women and children. In this course, students will explore the distinct impact of the “global war on terror” (GWOT) on women and gender relations, with a specific emphasis on the impact of the GWOT on the lives of people both living in the Middle East and of Middle Eastern descent living elsewhere.

Anecdotal coverage of women’s lives in Middle Eastern societies since 9/11 has depicted a general rise in militarization and of conservative values, often characterized as oppressive, Muslim, and fearful, while in Europe and North America, a similar intensification is justified as moving towards the end of achieving freedom, secularism, and security. In this course, students will explore the dialogical relationships between these discourses and their effects on women’s every day lives in a variety of ways. In addition to exploring these themes through the lens of gender, race and religion, especially Islam, will be explored.

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Date: 05/01/2008