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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Mike W. Campbell
SIS 440
Seattle Campus

History of Communism

Communism from its origins in Bolshevik faction of Russian social democracy to the present, treating the development of the ideology, the various communist parties, and the communist states. Recommended: two history or politics of Europe courses. Offered: jointly with HSTEU 440.

Class description

This course is a history of the Communist movement beginning with its origins in 19th century Marxism and coming down to the present-day transitions to market socialism. It will explore Communism as utopian ideology and a distopian reality and it will pay particular attention to revolutions in Russia, China and central Europe. The final section of the course will examine the former Soviet bloc in transition and the survival of Communist regimes in China, North Korea and Cuba.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Some course work in history and or international relations would be helpful.

Class assignments and grading

Mid-term; final; readings; discussions: two 5-page papers. Details will follow in the syllabus.

Assigned Texts: Martin Malia, The Soviet Tragedy Robert V. Daniels, A Documentary History of Communism, vol. 2 Vladimir Tismaneanu, Reinventing Politics Heda Kovaly, Under a Cruel Star

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