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Joseph T. Tennis
INSC 530
Seattle Campus

Knowledge Representation

In-depth survey of the various approaches to knowledge representations in areas such as taxonomy, library classification, anthropology, cognitive psychology, linguistics, and artificial intelligence.

Class description

Structure in information organization is what makes indexing and classification possible. However it undergoes constant re-creation by separate communities at different times and in wide-ranging technological environments. Looking at how structures are conceptualized, discussed, and realized in a comparative fashion this seminar will consider these topics: The Descriptor, Ontologies, Tags and Folksonomies, Thesauri, Analytico-Sythetic Classification, File Folders, Infrastructures and Traces (a la Bowker and Bowker and Star), in order to better understand (1) the precise technical apparatus of these structures, (2) the power and scope of structure in our information systems as discussed in separate literatures. This course will show how different communities articulate and deploy structure in information organization systems today, and it will also highlight areas where further research is needed.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation

LIS 530 or IMT 530

Class assignments and grading

Presentations and a paper

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Date: 09/20/2007