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Stuart Sutton
INFO 431
Seattle Campus

Metadata Design

Explores principles of metadata schema and application profile design and implementation using XML technologies. Examines syntactic and semantic interoperability among diverse schemas and application profiles. Prerequisite: INFO 330; INFO 340.

Class description

This is a class in the design of semantic metadata. Semantic metadata is the foundational concept of the Semantic Web as first defined publicly by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila in May 2001 in an article in Scientific American titled "The Semantic Web". Ambitious in scope and deemed unrealistic by many, the vision set out by Berners-Lee, Hendler and Lassila for a semantic layer made up of a "web of data" on top the existing "web of pages" has been slow to materialize. Slow, that is, until and interim step to full realization was defined in terms of Linked Data. Riding on top existing Web protocols, the web of data provides an intelligent path from existing data siloed in the enterprise to a linked, open environment where the original meaning of data is maintained, and ultimately to the level of the 2001 vision. The linked data paradigm has caught fire and is driving initiatives globally in governments and the public and private sectors to expose data in a manner that supports integration and inferencing (deriving new meaning) from existing data. This class will be primarily about how we create semantic metadata, and, just as critically, how we expose existing non-semantic data in our existing siloed data stores as semantic metadata.

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