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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Stephanie M. H. Camp
Seattle Campus

Slavery in the Americas

Explores the rise of American slavery beginning with the development of the Atlantic slave trade between southern European powers and coastal African traders. Topics include cultures of slavery in the Americas, comparative racial formations, cultural change, and the role of gender in slave societies.

Class description

This class explores the African slave trade, the development of the plantation complex in the Americas and, in particular, the contours and meanings of slavery in the U.S. South. We will explore such questions as: How did African, European and American ideas about slavery change over time? Why were Africans enslaved? How did African identity change into black identity/ies and culture/s? In what ways did gender shape slavery? How did the idea of “race” develop and change over time?

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Intensive reading and weekly discussions.

Recommended preparation

Background in American history.

Class assignments and grading

1) Participation; 2) Weekly response papers; 3) A 12-15 page historiographical essay.

Participation: 35% Response papers: 30% Historiographical paper: 35%

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