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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Richard R Johnson
Seattle Campus

Seminar in American History, Early

Research seminar in early American History, 1600-1875.

Class description

HSTAA 503 is the first half of a two-quarter research seminar (HSTAA 503-504) in early American history, here defined as extending up to the mid-nineteenth century in the United States. It offers students the opportunity to research and write a paper, thesis, or dissertation chapter satisfying departmental requirements under the supervision of one of the faculty who work in this field (namely, Professors Camp, Johnson, McKenzie, or Rorabaugh) but with other faculty assistance as needed. Professor Johnson will direct the seminar and coordinate its work. Assignments include extensive reading and research (both common and individual) in the area of chosen interest and the preparation of outlines, bibliographical essays, and drafts submitted for class discussion in progress towards the final paper. This year's 503-504 has no predefined focus within this period, but would nudge students in search of a topic in the direction of the formative years of 1775-1800.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Weekly seminar meetings

Recommended preparation

Commitment to research and writing

Class assignments and grading

Assignments aimed at developing research skills, knowledge of available source materials and current historiography, preparation of bibliographic essays and outlines, first and susequent draftsof reseach paper

Caliber of participation in course and final product

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Date: 10/17/2005