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Carlos Gil
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Latin American History: From Columbus to Castro

Survey of political, economic, and social history of Latin America from the Iberian conquest to the present. Lectures, discussions, and films focus on developing understanding of Latin America's current problems through study of their historical roots. Designed for the beginning student and the nonspecialist.

Class description

Note: This course was formerly numbered HSTAA 281. If you have already taken HSTAA 281, do not register for this class.

This course provides a broad introduction to the over-all history of Latin America. A brief introduction mis offered to the Indian civilizations before the conquest, followed by a broad sweep of the colonial period. The national period is reviewed in its more general trends, economic, social, and political. Trends affecting the Latin American people are emphasized in this course over more detailed accounts available in the sister courses (i.e., HSTAA 381, -382, -383). Students are required to read the equivalent of about four books and write a 15-page research paper.

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