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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Purnima Dhavan
HIST 494
Seattle Campus

Colloquium in Historiography

Advanced seminar examining central issues in historiography. Emphasizes reading, discussion, and writing.

Class description


This class focuses on the development of a Modern Islamic identity in South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) from the last days of the Mughal Empire to the current period. Two important themes include 1) understanding the development of South Asian Islam in relationship to global developments including colonialism, Islamic reform movements, and pan-Islamism during the modern period and, 2) tracing the continuities and changes of older South Asian Islamic traditions in popular culture, literature, and politics.

This class will also emphasize historical methodology by focusing on how historical information is gathered, analyzed, and reproduced. Thus, as we examine the history of South Asia, we will also focus on the historiography that has shaped the ways in which historical narratives of South Asia are created, and more specifically how this has impacted the development of Islamic identities in South Asia.

Student learning goals

Basic research skills including using databases, periodical collections, special collections, and online research tools

Evaluating, analyzing, and contextualizing a variety of historical approaches

crafting solid historical arguments in writing and discussion

General method of instruction

Class discussion of key texts, individual meetings with instructor to go over drafts

Recommended preparation

This is a capstone course for history majors. We will build on refine the skills you have already honed in previous classes--close reading of texts, historical analysis, developing your own arguments.

Class assignments and grading

The goal is to help you produce a major historiographical essay of about 15 pages by the end of the quarter. Several shorter assignments will help you do this thoughout the term.

2 short papers on historiographic approaches (30% or 15% each), Rough Draft of research paper 25%, Final Draft of Paper 35%, Class Participation 10%

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