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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Sarah A. Stein
HIST 369
Seattle Campus

The Jewish Twentieth Century in Film

Surveys twentieth-century Jewish history in its European, American, and Middle Eastern contexts by examining films produced in these settings. Considers central events that shaped modern Jewish culture: the changing geography of Europe and the Middle East, mass migrations, the Holocaust, shifting meanings of race, culture, and religion. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 369.

Class description

This class surveys twentieth century Jewish history in its European, American, and Middle Eastern contexts by examining a series of films produced in and about these settings. Together, we will consider some of the central events and themes that shaped twentieth century Jewish culture: among them the changing political geography of Europe and the Middle East, mass migration, the Holocaust, and the emergence of new understandings about race, culture, religion, and politics. In addition, students in this class will explore the challenges and rewards of using film as a primary and secondary source. In the process, we will think not only about twentieth century Jewish culture, but more generally about how one studies and reconstructs history.

Student learning goals

Learn to identify and analyze primary historical sources, including film

Learn to analyze and interpret secondary historical sources, including film

Hone your skills as a critical reader and writer

General method of instruction

Lecture, discussion

Recommended preparation

There are no formal prerequisites for this class, but students will benefit from previous courses in History, Jewish Studies, or Film Studies.

Class assignments and grading

The class will consist of weekly lectures and film screenings. Students will take 2 exams and write 2 papers.

These figures are approximate: Attendance 20% Papers 20% (each) Exams 20% (each)

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