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Bartel H. Broussard
Seattle Campus

Finance Concepts for Healthcare Managers

Covers financial concepts applied to today's healthcare environment, financial management tools, and budgeting.

Class description

This course covers financial concepts applied in todayís healthcare environment, financial management tools, and budgeting.

This course addresses the systems and uses of accounting and financial planning in healthcare organizations; including planning and control. Students will examine analysis of financial statements, reporting, ratios, and budgeting for healthcare organizations to make sound decisions. This course provides a conceptual and practical knowledge of healthcare finance, which includes sources of funding, revenue, cost determinants, third party payors, managed care contracts, and valuations that have an impact on the healthcare organization.

Student learning goals

Ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the financial structure and market forces in the American health care system.

Be able to clearly describe the system of patient billing and reimbursement.

Recognize the common underlying characteristics of financial compliance in terms of fraud, the importance of an internal control system, and managementís role to ensure compliance.

Demonstrate a basic understanding of financial and managerial accounting issues in American healthcare organizations.

Be able to describe methods of current asset / working capital management.

Demonstrate the ability to operate a personal computer and spreadsheet software package to solve various problems in finance.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 08/27/2013