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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Michio Tsutsui
HCDE 561
Seattle Campus

Advanced Japanese for Technical and Business Professions 1

Focuses on reading skills (e.g., vocabulary, phrases, grasping main ideas and paragraph structure) and familiarizes students with Japanese web sites and web reading tools. Students also develop the skills necessary for giving oral reports on technical/business articles. Teaches skills for writing summaries. Prerequisite: HCDE 463. Offered: A.

Class description

Course objectives

Reading: Expanding general vocabulary and common technical/business vocabulary Developing skills to grasp paragraph structures Developing skills to grasp main points accurately Improving accuracy in comprehension

Oral: Identifying the areas to improve Developing skills to give oral reports Developing skills to express opinions in group discussion situations

Writing: Developing summary writing skills Expanding advanced-level phrases

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Reading: Students read assigned articles and work on comprehesion questions. The questions are discussed in class (in Japanese). Vocaburary/phrases quiz almost every day.

Oral: Students give several oral reports in class and self-review the video-recorded performances.

Writing: Students write several article summaries.

Recommended preparation

Solid basic grammar knowledge is essential. Students are supposed to have compeleted the prerequisite course or an equivalent course successfully.

Class assignments and grading

Reading articles; preparation for oral reports; writing summaries

Quizzes 20% Oral reports 10% Homework 45% Final Exam 15% Class participation 10%

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