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Nina Young Kim
GWSS 435
Seattle Campus

Gender and Spirituality

Exploration of ways in which gender informs spiritual teachings and practices of different groups in ancient and contemporary times, with particular attention to the relationship between spiritual beliefs and the construction of social, psychological, and political realities.

Class description

This course discusses major intersectional theoretical perspectives that help us analyze and understand religion, spirituality, and gender. Drawing from work in Religious Studies, Women Studies, American Ethnic Studies, Sociology, and other interdisciplinary fields, this course examines issues that arise at the intersection of religion, spirituality, gender, race, class, and sexuality. We address the following questions: How has religion and spirituality influenced or impacted various women’s histories and experiences? How does and have diverse women influenced religion and spirituality? How does women’s involvement in religion affect various religious traditions? Can women’s use of religion or spirituality be empowering? We discuss topics that address these questions including racism, classism, sexism, activism, and inter- and intra-racial dynamics. This class is a space for you to delve in to the substance of the lectures, readings and films. You will be expected to come prepared to demonstrate active engagement.

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Date: 10/23/2013