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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Bernard Hallet
ESS 427
Seattle Campus

Hillslope Geomorphology

Theoretical, laboratory, and field study of hillslope evolution by mass wasting and water erosion. Prerequisite: either ESS 311 or ESS 326; recommended: ESS 310.

Class description

Characteristics of bedrock and soil-mantled hillslopes, and the processes that control their evolution in diverse climates. Lectures will cover theoretical, laboratory, and field aspects of hillslope evolution by soil creep, slope failure, and water erosion. The class will provide an introduction to recent advances in this discipline and it will feature a number of presentations by guest experts. Laboratory and field exercises emphasize quantitative analysis of hillslope processes and forms

Student learning goals

Students will develop physically based insights into hillslopes and landscapes, and the processes that shape them.

Students will acquire various skills, including mapping, topographic surveying, and report writing.

General method of instruction

Class lectures augmented by guest presentations, as well as laboratory and field work with an emphasis on making precise observations, preparing useful maps, and preparing suitable reports.

Recommended preparation

Exposure to, and deep interest in, landscapes and hillsopes and the processes that shape them

Class assignments and grading

Written reports, quizes and class presentations

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