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Instructor Class Description

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Thomas E. Eckmann
Seattle Campus

Entrepreneurial Decision Making

Provides an overview of the major decisions entrepreneurs face when creating a business. Covers the startup lifecycle from idea generation and opportunity recognition to entry strategy, growth, and exit. Prerequisite: B POL 509; B A 501. Offered: W.

Class description

The goal of this course is to introduce students to innovation and entrepreneurship and explore the types of decisions entrepreneurs are required to make. The course introduces different types of entrepreneurship, the business formation process, and how entrepreneurs are called on to make decisions under conditions of great uncertainty. The scope of the course includes the decision to become an entrepreneur, the search for a business idea, and the startup lifecycle from idea generation through start-up, growth and exit. Students will learn from assigned reading and case studies, class discussions, and guest lectures delivered by some of Seattleā€™s most accomplished entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts. Fair warning! Entrepreneurship is not a spectator sport and neither is this class. Students are expected to attend every class and be highly engaged in class discussions. Critical thinking, creativity, flexibility and openness are essential to success.

Student learning goals

1. Develop an understanding entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and possible career path.

2. Learn how to identify business ideas and assess their feasibility.

3. Define the various forms of entrepreneurship..

4. Examine the kinds of decisions entrepreneurs face when starting and growing a new company.

5. Explore how entrepreneurs deal with uncertainty and manage/mitigate risk.

6. Expand your network of contacts within the entrepreneurial community.

General method of instruction

The class consists of: 1) guest lectures by local entrepreneurs, 2) in-class discussions of assigned reading, and 3) student presentations of their entrepreneur interviews and team presentations of business opportunity assessments.

Recommended preparation

This class is an introduction to entrepreneurship for students majoring in business, engineering, law and other professions. There are no prerequisites.

Class assignments and grading

1. Text books - Makers, The New Industrial Revolution, Chris Anderson, 2012, and The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, 2011 2. Supplemental articles (see syllabus for list) 2. Emails to instructor after each class describing biggest "aha" or take-away from the class. 3. (Team Assignment) Write-up and presentation of a business opportunity assessment. 4. (Individual Assignment) Write-up and presentation of an entrepreneur interview.

1. Class participation 2. Entrepreneur Interview 3. Business opportunity assessment 4. "Aha" emails from class 5. Class participation

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