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Pimone E Triplett
ENGL 383
Seattle Campus

The Craft of Verse

Intensive study of various aspects of the craft verse. Readings in contemporary verse and writing using emulation and imitation. Prerequisite: ENGL 283; ENGL 284.

Class description

Most student poems do not go far enough. All too often, we thrill to initial “inspiration� only to have the piece peter out long before it is fully realized in idea, metaphor, setting, tone or music. As an intermediate class therefore, and as a means of furthering the development of individual poems, we will focus on poetic structure as defined by various patterns of the poetic turn. The turn is a major shift in the rhetorical progress of the poem—those swivelings, swervings, and veerings that send poems off in unexpected directions, points that lead the reader to an ultimate surprise at its end. During this term, we will also pay close attention to opening and closing gestures, and specifically the development of three types of poetic turns (the descriptive-meditative, the ironic and the emblematic structures).

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