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Raymond A Oenbring
ENGL 282
Seattle Campus

Composing for the Web

Introduces the writing of nonfiction narrative and expository pieces for publication on the web. Analysis and criticism of on-line work.

Class description

English 282 A

“Representing Knowledge and Performing Identities on the Web.” The primary goal of this class will be to help you develop your sense of the potentials (both good and bad) of hypertext as a mode of writing. We will devote much of the class analyzing webpages with an eye toward how they represent knowledge and information, spending time focusing on several of the most important and popular sites on the web (e.g., Wikipedia, Facebook, and YouTube). Beyond critiquing webpages, you will also be producing your own pages. Indeed, most of your assignments in the class will involve the development of a page. Pages will be graded based on both content and form (i.e., the content of the analysis and the deployment of the technical features of HTML). Group work required.

No knowledge of HTML/XHTML required, but we will be spending some time working directly with HTML code (i.e., you should be willing to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and work with the code). Textbook: Musciano and Kennedy, HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide. Reading Packet required.

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Date: 11/02/2007