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Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges
ENGL 207
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Cultural Studies

Introduces cultural studies as an interdisciplinary field and practice. Explores multiple histories of the field with an emphasis on current issues and developments. Focuses on culture as a site of political and social debate and struggle. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

In this course, we will analyze how the Internet, new media and computer technologies have altered the contemporary cultural landscape. To do so, we will employ the methodologies of cultural studies, focusing on the social, cultural, and political interactions that occur in online settings, the ways in which electronic media convey and contest particular ideologies, the possibilities and limitations of virtual communities, and the economics of participation in cyberculture. Course readings include literary and cinematic representations of cyberspace as well as theoretical writings. Students will also examine a range of digital texts, including social networking platforms, virtual reality environments, blogs, and online gaming sites.

Course Texts Please note that list is still under construction Bell, David and Barbara M. Kennedy, eds. The Cybercultures Reader. 2nd ed. New York: Routledge, 2007. ISBN: 0415410673 Cronenberg, David. eXistenZ Gibson, William. Neuromancer. New York: Ace Books, 1984. ISBN: 0441569595 Wachowski, Andy and Larry Wachowski. The Matrix Web texts and electronic reserve readings

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Date: 10/31/2007