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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

John A Wott
EHUF 411
Seattle Campus

Plant Propagation: Principles, and Practice

Science and practice of plant propagation including sexual (seed) and asexual (cutting, layering, grafting) propagation. Includes discussion of physiological effects, methodology and laboratory exercises. Wide variety of plants covered. Intended for majors in urban horticulture and urban forestry and others interested in reproducing landscape plants. Recommended: 10 credits of introductory biology or botany, or equivalent. Offered: Sp.

Class Description

Attempts to cover the full array of plant propagation from seeds through asexual propagation. Covered are dormancy, cutting propagation, grafting, tissue culture, and other specialized forms. Integrates both the science and practical aspects.

Lecture, on-line notes, demonstrations, greenhouse experiements, a special project and one field trip

Recommended preparation

Recommeded to have 10 hrs of biology or botany. Can substitute lots of practical experience.

Class Assignments and Grading

Class attendance, participation in lab experiements and demonstrations. There is one required Saturday field trip to local nurseries.

Lab assignments, class particpation, one major project, two midterms.

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