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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Denise M Wilson
E E 484
Seattle Campus

Sensors and Sensor Systems

Introduction to optical and solid-state chemical and physical sensors. Topics include transduction mechanisms, design parameters, fabrication methods and applications. Prerequisite: E E 331.

Class description

EE484 is a design course where student design teams choose, justify, design, and build a system of interest using commercial off-the-shelf sensor. To support a successful design, in class lectures cover a wide range of topics including sensor metrics, the engineering design cycle, a wide range of sensor types and their basic operation, and soft skills including group psychology and effective communication. Join us for an exciting and challenging design experience that will make you glad you chose engineering as a major!

Student learning goals

Formulate and solve open-ended design problems in the sensor systems area.

Write formal project reports and make engaging oral presentations.

Work in teams with heterogeneous knowledge and skills.

Apply governing mechanisms of particular sensor technologies, basic transduction mechanisms, noise properties, sources of environmental interference, and computer simulation to the design of complete sensor systems whose overall performance is defined and demonstrated using standardized system metrics.

Demonstrate an awareness of benefits and drawbacks of predominant sensor technologies.

General method of instruction

Short lectures on sensor topics and design skills combined with design project updates led by student design project teams.

Recommended preparation

For EE Students: EE331 (Microelectronic Circuits 1) or equivalent For other Engineering Students: Instructor Permission, strong math skills and interest in sensors

Class assignments and grading

Design Project Milestones: including proposal, mini-presentations, and report Short Quizzes: covering topics included in short lectures.

Design Project Milestones: 70% Short Quizzes: 30%

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