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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jerry F. Franklin
ESC 320
Seattle Campus

Natural Resource Issues: Old-Growth and Forest Management

Biological and social elements of current conflicts, especially those associated with old-growth and its disposition. Ecology of Pacific Northwest forests and landscapes, history of forest practices, application of emerging science, proposed alternative practices and policies, including analysis of current proposal and its predecessors and successors. Open to majors and nonmajors. Offered: Sp.

Class Description

This course addresses the natural history of native forests in western North America, especially the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. Topics will include the history of exploitation and management, the biology of the organisms that inhabit old-growth forests, and the current socio-political environment in which the future of these forests will be decided. We will also explore how current policies came about.

Three two-hour lecture sessions a week, and two weekend field trips, one to the Olympic Peninsula (April 11th-13th), and one to the Wind River region of Washington (and a ride in the famous Wind River Canopy Crane!)(May 16th-18th).

Recommended preparation

No particular preparation needs.

Class Assignments and Grading

Extensive reading assignments (two short textbooks, as well as additional articles from the scientific literature).

The following components make up the grade: -Writing assignments -Field-trip reports -Mid-term exam. -Final examination. Exact percentages will be specified at the beginning of the course.

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