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James Coupe
Seattle Campus

Digital Art and New Media: History, Theory, and Practice

Provides a historical and critical overview of artists and scientists pioneering the digital arts. Discusses important digital media issues from aesthetics, creative strategies, emerging trends, and socio-cultural aspirations.

Class description

The future of art has always been a matter of critical concern, as the role of the artist within society shifts and aesthetic sensibilities become transformed. Science can provide strong insights into methods for understanding these mutations, for example through looking at Kuhnís notion of paradigms, Einsteinís theory of relativity or Heisenbergís uncertainty principle. This course analyses examples from art, science, technology, sociology and philosophy in order to provide students with the means to establish their own vision of what art can become, from both a practical and a theoretical perspective. It focuses upon the methodologies and ideologies that underpin our current understanding of digital art, approaching it as a multi-dimensional array of related possibilities. Students are asked to use this grounding as a stimulus to speculate about new, emerging art forms, and in the process take their first step towards inventing the boundaries of future art practice.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Contextual lecture, guest artist lecture and discussion section.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Weekly homework, discussion and final project

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