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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Andrew H Tsao
Seattle Campus

Digital Cinema Production

Explores applied narrative film grammar and cinematic technique. Covers operations of digital cinema equipment including cameras, cinema lighting, and editing software such as Final Cut Studio. Includes lab where students work in a professional motion picture crew structure to implement principles of cinematic narrative and gain experience directing actors on screen. Credit/no-credit only.

Class description

1. An intensive overview of profassional cinema production methods and techniques.

2. Basic cinematic lighting techniques

3. The structure and function of standard crew positions on a film set, including director, assistant director, camera operator, sound operator, script supervisor, gaffer and grip positions

4. A basic understanding of narrative film grammar, screen sizes and angles.

Student learning goals

Set up, operate and break down the Panasonic HVX 200 HD video camera and its component parts, including location audio recording with external microphones

Familiarity with basic three cornered cinema lighting techniques.

Familiarity with standard crew positions in film production: director, assistant director, dp/camera operator, sound recordist, script supervisor, gaffer and grip.

Understanding the principles of narrative film grammar: screen sizes, angles, montage, lens choices and moving shots. The Five Shot Sequence.

General method of instruction

Hands on lab, students work on short cinema assignments as a team.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading


The instructors sense of whether the student has a command of the core curricular elements

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Date: 04/10/2012