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Mark F. Jenkins
Seattle Campus

Intermediate Acting - Production

Explores the ten-minute play. Focus shifts to full-length play script, developing ensemble playing, sustained concentration, focus of attention, character motivation, and extended through-line. Culminates in public performance. Prerequisite: DRAMA 252; one of DRAMA 210, DRAMA 211, DRAMA 212, or DRAMA 213; one of DRAMA 290, DRAMA 291, or DRAMA 292.

Class description

Spring Drama 353 class will be built on increasingly challenging exercises originally derived from Uta Hagen's teachings.

The first part of the quarter will focus on "The Actor's work on Self:" concentration, recreating aspects of ones own natural behavior, sensory work, altering circumstances, complicating circumstances and beginning character work.

Eventually students will work in pairs with emphasis on real interactions in fictional situations. There might be some scene work later in the quarter.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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