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Wilson Mendieta
Seattle Campus

Jazz Technique III

Advanced-level jazz technique. Investigation of jazz styles such as Afro-Caribbean, Luigi, and musical theatre. Prerequisite: DANCE 310.

Class description

This course is an intermediate/intermediate-advance scene study class for the Musical Theatre genre. Students wanting to sign up for this course MUST have prior experience and/or training as performers in musical theatre, (that includes: acting, singing AND dancing.) Students will be paired with each other, so attendance is an integral part of this studio-style class. Students will be assigned specific scenes from popular musicals. The scenes will be staged, and the song and choreography will be taught during class time simulating a rehearsal process. Throughout the quarter feedback and adjustments will be offered through class discussion. The class will have presentations of the scenes to invited guests and peers. Through script analysis, the goals for the class include: - To justify every moment by making smart and clear choices supported by the objective of the scene. - To understand how the period in which the scene takes place, dictates the style of the piece. - To develop characters that are "emotionally whole." - To understand how the intention of a scene should carry the performance from scene, to song, and into dance in a smooth, seamless way. - To discover how your "uniqueness" can set you apart from the competition. The first day of class will be a mock musical theatre audition. Students must come prepare to learn a song and a dance combination.

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Date: 11/02/2012