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Evgueni V. Sokourenko
CONJ 557
Seattle Campus

Microbial Evolution and Ecology

Selected topics in microbial evolution including evolution of the main lines of descent, and bacterial and archaeal speciation and co-speciation, and evidence for early microbial live on Earth. Prerequisite: MICROM 412 or general microbiology background. Offered: ASp.

Class description

CONJ 557 Microbial Evolution and Ecology (1.5) 
Selected topics in microbial evolution including evidence for early live on Earth, molecular mechanisms of microbial evolution, speciation and co-speciation, adaptive niche differentiation and evolution of microbial pathogens. Prerequisite: general microbiology background. Offered: ASp.

Instructors: Evgeni Sokurenko CONJ 557 MICROBIAL EVOLUTION SLN: 12377; Add Code 10193. Offered weeks 1-5 Spring Qtr., Tue Thu 1:00 - 2:50 , Location: K350

The past 20 years have seen a revolution in our understanding of evolution of life, with microorganisms providing some of the most exciting and far-reaching insights in the field. Information from biogeochemistry, genome sequencing and in-depth phylogeny has revealed the critical importance of microorganisms in the evolution and operation of the biosphere, the progressive evolution of plants and animals and the process of speciation in general. The principal aim of the course is to provide graduate students with (i) an up-to-date understanding of the current status of research in evolution with the focus on microorganisms; (ii) means how to use evolutionary analysis in molecular biomedical research, and (iii) an appreciation of the outstanding general issues in evolutionary studies. Lectures will include the following topics:

April 2 “Origin of Life” by Kyle Costa April 4 “Early evidence for microbial life” by Roger Buick April 9 “Natural Selection and Phylogeny” by Evgeni Sokurenko April 11 “Evolutionary Bioinformatics tools” by Sujay Chattopadhyay April 16 “Horizontal Gene Transfer” by Evgeni Sokurenko April 30 “Genetic conflicts” by Evgeni Sokurenko April 23 “Evolution of highly-diverse bacterial genes” by Evgeni Sokurenko April 25 "Virus mutation and selection" by Harmit Malik May 2 “Genomics and evolution of bacterial virulence” by Evgeni Sokurenko April 26 “Microbial species” by Evgeni Sokurenko

There will be two take-home examinations for the course.

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