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Jose Francisco Benitez
C LIT 596
Seattle Campus

Special Studies in Comparative Literature

Offered occasionally by visiting or resident faculty. Course content varies.

Class description

Nationalism and Narrative

"Nationalism - at a given time, in a specific space, and in the name of particular nationally defined and constituted peoples - constructs and professes a narrative of the nation and of its relation to a projected potential or already existing state. In doing this, nationalism lays claim to a privileged narrative perspective on the "nation" and thus justifies its own capacity to narrate - to organize and link the diverse elements of - the nation." Mary Layoun, _Wedded to the Land?_

In our contemporary moment, what would it mean to propose that nationalism is a narrative? How do national narratives link the diverse elements of a society into what Anderson famously calls an 'imagined community'? How are we to understand the potentials and pitfalls of nationalism as a project?" How does an analysis of nationalism as a narrative open windows into contemporary diasporic or cosmopolitan concerns?

Possible Texts: Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities, ISBN 0860915468 (VERSO) Homi Bhabha, Nation and Narration, ISBN 0415014832 (ROUTLEDGE) Partha Chatterjee, The Nation and Its Fragments, ISBN 0691019436 (PRINCETON U PRESS) Pheng Cheah, Spectral Nationality, ISBN 0231130198 (COLUMBIA U PRESS) James Siegel, Fetish, Recognition, Revolution, ISBN 0691026521 (PRINCETON U PRESS) Mary Layoun, Wedded to the Land?, ISBN 0822325454 (DUKE U PRESS) and a course reader

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