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Laura H Chrisman
C LIT 535
Seattle Campus

Cultural Criticism and Ideology Critique II

Offerings vary to cover individual theorists and particular manifestations of cultural criticism and ideology critique.

Class description

Postcolonial Literature and Theory This course explores literary works connected to the British imperial and postcolonial orbit. We cast a historical look at writing produced under imperialism, as well as examining writing produced in the aftermath of independence and more contemporary production. Throughout the course we will examine some key terms and concepts in post-colonial studies, and place these in creative conversation with the literary materials. As well as considering the cultural environments which frame post-colonial literatures, and the specific colonial histories they inscribe, we will also chart broad concerns such as language, race, gender, nationhood, diaspora, memory and identity. And we will pay close attention to the formal, stylistic dimensions of the literary materials. Prior familiarity with postcolonial literary and/or theoretical production is not required; the course caters both to beginners and initiates. Creative writers may include Sol Plaatje; Ayi Kwei Armah; Ken Saro-Wiwa; Bernardine Evaristo; Yvonne Vera; Dionne Brand; Zakes Mda.

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Date: 05/17/2012