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Tamara Cooper
C LIT 497
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Cinema Studies

Varying topics in cinema studies. Offered by resident or visiting faculty.

Class description

C LIT 497 - Documentary: Struggles for Representation

Documentary: Struggles for Representation is designed as a junior undergraduate course in film and area studies. As such, there is an expectation students are somewhat familiar with vocabulary and concepts necessary for either critical or film analysis, not necessarily both. That said, Freshmen and Sophomores should not feel intimidated by the course content. Those students in CHID, ENGL, GWSS, JSIS, AES or AIS may have access to registration during Period I.

Description: What is stake in telling and witnessing truth? Documentary Film: Struggles for Representation explores socially engaged cinema through the dynamics of social movements in North America and the West. We will ask how disenfranchised populations use visual documents as revolutionary documents, organizing tools to mobilize their agendas, participate in national discourse, or create their own. We will reframe documentary scenes to include still images, installation, self-ethnography and docu-narrative to query the truth imperative of social engagement. What might it mean to create one’s own truth? Struggles for Representation examines the impulse to narrate becoming as a fundamental form of resistance for people with disabilities, women, people of color and members of LGBTQ communities.

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Date: 01/27/2014