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Richard B Kielbowicz
COM 542
Seattle Campus

Readings in Communication History

Selected readings on the history of communication.

Class description

Communication Technology from the User's Perspective

What do people do with communication technologies? Or, as historians approach the question, what did people do with them? For Fall 2007, Communication 542 (Readings in Communication History) will focus on the history of communication technologies from the vantage point of various users—audiences, customers, consumers, media workers, and groups (e.g., social movements and political organizations).

The course is designed both for students who wish to explore the historical background of contemporary issues in communication as well as for those who intend to pursue communication history as their principal field of inquiry. Students will have a choice of two options for the major assignment: (1) preparing a critical synthesis of the literature on a topic that cuts across at least two technologies or (2) writing a research paper (individually or in small groups) suitable for presentation at a scholarly convention or for publication. To this end, sizable portions of the seminar will be conducted as a workshop on framing historical research questions, synthesizing literature, conducting historical research, organizing articles, and writing them. We’ll talk about projects that can be tackled in a ten-week quarter.

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