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Adam Nocek
CHID 495
Seattle Campus

Close Readings in Theory

Close readings of a specific work, author, artist, or body of work.

Class description

Close Readings: The Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze

Immanence, process, becoming-woman, becoming-animal, rhizomatics, schizoanalysis - all concepts associated with name ‚ÄúDeleuze.‚Ä? These are immensely popular theoretical frameworks for thinking, among other things, political, social, biological, geological, aesthetic phenomena. And yet, it was only a little more than a decade ago that Deleuzian philosophy was considered too transgressive, too chaotic, too transdisiplinary to be taken seriously in the American academic context.

While Deleuze’s work is far more accepted now than it once was, his concepts are as exhilarating as they are difficult to understand. This seminar-style course offers close readings of Deleuze’s single-authored and co-authored (with Felix Guattari) works with the goal of providing an accessible introduction to some of his main philosophical concepts. To this end, we will be reading works from all of the major periods of his thought. Reading is likely to be drawn from: Nietzsche and Philosophy, Bergsonism, Difference and Repetition, A Thousand Plateaus, Cinema 2, The Fold, What is Philosophy?

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Date: 11/20/2012