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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Arthur R Kruckeberg
Seattle Campus

Natural History of Puget Sound Country

Explores the greater Puget Sound Basin's diverse physical and biological features. Emphasis on the ecology of the region and its relation to the First Peoples and European late arrivals. Emphasis on the issues of environmental preservation and custodianship of the natural amenities. Optional field trips. For non-majors.

Class Description

Fundamental ecological principles as applied to Puget Sound basin. The roles of geology, climate and organisms in shaping the environment of the basin. Impacts of First Peoples and Europeans on land and water environments of Puget Sound country.

Lectures illustrated with slides; text readings; and one optional field trip.

Recommended preparation

No advanced preparation needed; simply a motivation to learn about the natural and human-altered environments of the Puget Sound basin.

Class Assignments and Grading

Assignments, by chapter, in required text.

One midterm exam and final exam, based on lectures and text readings.

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