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Carl T Bergstrom
BIOL 429
Seattle Campus

Models in Biology

Explores use of models in biology in a wide range of topics, including morphogenesis, nerve signals, ecological interactions, population biology, and evolutionary theory. Emphasis on the biological insights models can provide rather than mathematical techniques. Prerequisite: either MATH 146, MATH 390, MATH 395, STAT 342, or STAT 391.

Class description

This description is for Winter 2009 only:

Game theory provides a rich mathematical framework for thinking about and analyzing strategic interactions; it has been widely used in biology to analyze everything from competition among bacteriophage to parental care among mammals, from intercellular signalling to human communication. This quarter we will explore the foundations of this branch of mathematics, with a focus on application to biological examples.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation


1) College calculus: MATH 124-126 or MATH 134-136 or MATH 144-146. 2) Probability theory: MATH 390 or MATH 394-395 or MATH 144-145 or STAT 341-342 or STAT 391

Class assignments and grading

Problem sets

Problem sets, exams

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