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Michael Regnier
Seattle Campus

Introduction to the Bioengineering Analysis of Physiology II

Introduction to the cardiovascular system. Explores the cardiovascular system as an engineering system in which the heart is a pump, and the load and distribution of blood to organs on the heart depend on the demands of the system. Introduces principles of fluid transport. Prerequisite: BIOEN 302; BIOEN 304; co-requisite: either STAT 390, MATH 390, or IND E 315. Offered: W

Class description

The purpose of this course is to build a fundamental understanding of the biophysical and engineering principals that are the basis of cellular and systems human physiology. Problem sets will be used to reinforce these principles. Discussion of exercise, disease processes, bodily dysfunction and diagnosis will be incorporated in lectures for examples of systems integration. Ideally, laboratory activities should encourage critical thinking, the understanding of scientific methodology, and the application of scientific principles.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lecture and Laboratories

Recommended preparation

This course is only offered to students in the Bioengineering undergraduate program. Course prerequisites include: BIOEN 302; BIOEN 304

Class assignments and grading

Problem Sets, Laboratory Reports, Presentation

Exams, Problem Sets, Laboratory Reports, Oral Presentation, Class Participation

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