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Robert J Corser
B E 498
Seattle Campus

Special Projects

Class description

Collaboration: Tools for Contemporary Urban Environment is a seminar organized by a group of advanced graduate students in the College of Built Environments. Rob Corser, AIA will be the moderator and official instructor and his role will be to shape discussions and act as moderator and provocateur. The focus is on interdisciplinary collaboration -and there will be a 'test site' -focusing on urban interventions along the strip mall and motel stretch of Aurora (highway 99) in north seattle. The seminar is structured as a lecture and discussion series. Professionals from different disciplines will be invited to each session to share their approach to collaboration. Students will read short readings and engage the speakers in discussion based upon their readings and the presentation. As the course progresses, the focus will expand from the individual to the public, looking at how collaboration happens within teams, across disciplines, and with members of the public. CR / NC

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Date: 11/08/2013