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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Bridget A. Langley
ART H 342
Seattle Campus

Roman Art and Archaeology

Roman architecture and art, with emphasis on the innovations of the Romans; illustrated by slides. Offered: jointly with CL AR 342.

Class description

We will survey the artistic, architectural, and other material remains from Rome and the Roman empire between the 8th century BCE and the 4th century CE. From vibrant wall paintings to the soaring arches of aqueducts, we will consider the ways that Roman citizens and emperors used art to shape the world around them. We will proceed chronologically, and consider such topics as the relationship between art and social status, the use of art as political propaganda, art as evidence for Roman life and thought, and the modern management of ancient cultural property.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Slide-based lectures, with some student discussion.

Recommended preparation

There are no prerequisites for this course, but some prior knowledge of Classics or art history is helpful.

Class assignments and grading

Three exams, one short response paper (2 pages), participation in periodic discussions.

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Date: 05/22/2013