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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jamie Walker
ART 353
Seattle Campus

Intermediate Ceramic Art

Explores a variety of ceramic processes and conceptual development including: press and slip molds, glaze formulation, multiples and installation, tiles and bricks, intermediate wheel, time, space, and scale. Prerequisite: ART 201.

Class description

Summer Art 353/The Wheel as a Tool This course is designed for intermediate/advanced students who have previous throwing experience. In addition to improving your technical skills, we will work on developing your own personal aesthetic, and understanding the context and reasons for working with clay. Anything you can conceive of making on the wheel will be encouraged. Demonstrations, slides, videos and critiques will introduce you to a wide variety of techniques and directions. We are going to be experimenting with the wheel as a tool to make ceramic forms using porcelain and stoneware clays fired to cone 6 in our salt and reduction kilns. This will be an intensive experience, not only will you be making your own work, but you will also learn how to make glazes and how to load and fire kilns.

Student learning goals

advance skills in throwing, glazing, firing, etc.

conceptual development in understanding why you make what you do

exposure to new ways that clay can be used for both functional and non-functional purposes

General method of instruction

demonstrations, slides, critique, participation

Recommended preparation

Basic throwing experience, curiosity, work ethic.

Class assignments and grading

students are asked to work on independent projects with set deadlines

individual effort, growth, willingness to explore, completed work

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Date: 04/17/2012