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Carolyn J. Bodle
ART 280
Seattle Campus

Media, Time, and Technology Arts

Develops a "new genre" attitude toward exploration and research in contemporary visual arts, based on computer/ human interface and electronic technology. Includes performance art, environmental art, sound art, light art, video art, interactive installation, kinetic art, conceptual art.

Class description

This studio course introduces students to digital media in the context of contemporary visual arts, extending ideas and practice into video, performance, sound, and/or other time-based media. As artists working in the field of expanded media, we acknowledge that there is an expanded set of techniques to make art. As a result, artists are rethinking the boundary of disciplines and the potential for new art forms and new art experiences placing the body and the shared social experience at the center of art practice. Students will engage in four projects that will be complimented with discussions and lectures in class. For these projects, we will explore various techniques such as video, sound, performance and anchor these in the history, theory, and practice of the various media. Students will learn to use digital video and sound equipment and Final Cut Pro editing software as their primary means for investigation and experimentation, however the course will emphasize artistic voice over technical skill.

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Date: 03/07/2012