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Instructor Class Description

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Kathryn Rogers Merlino
ARCH 151
Seattle Campus

Appreciation of Architecture II

Historical survey of the architecture of Western civilization. For nonmajors.

Class description

The goal of this 3-credit lecture class is to introduce you to architecture – the built environment – and to make you understand the broader implications about the built world around you. It is to encourage you to understand architecture's past, become aware of its present and begin to imagine its future. We will do this by means of lectures illustrated with lectures, slides, guest lectures and film. We will look at architecture, urbanism, landscape, urban sustainability, preservation and other contemporary issues facing the built environment today.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

1. Class attendance is crucial, powerpoint slide lectures, some film. 2. Website has outlines for each class, and the powerpoints are posted for review 3. The book. "The Story of Architecture" by Patrick Nuttgens, notes, films and most importantly, class attendence.

Recommended preparation

None required.

Class assignments and grading

This course has FOUR QUIZZES, each 25% of your final grade, and will be given 30 minutes in a class period to complete. The lecture given the day of the quiz will be included in the next quiz. Please be sure to review study suggestions, the slides, notes, and do the reading. The final quiz is on our final quiz day. PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE NO MAKEUP QUIZZES IN THIS COURSE. If you need to miss a quiz for some reason, you will be asked to write a 1200 word essay as a make up.

Grading chart will be on the website.

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