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Nicole I Torres
ANTH 429
Seattle Campus

Expressive Culture

Anthropological view of one expressive aspect of culture: plastic and graphic arts, myth and folktale, music, dance, humor and tragedy, or play and games. Prerequisite: either one 200-level ANTH course or LING 203.

Class description

In this course we will explore some of the key theoretical issues in the anthropology of art and how groups and individuals conceptualize creativity. Art and creative processes are not apolitical; instead they are processes that are deeply interwoven into the fabric of everyday life on the social, political, and economic levels. Through hands-on activities, ethnographic projects, and an exploration of anthropological material, we will examine how visual and performance art are both socially shaped and socially shaping. This course is not simply theoretical. You are required to actively engage in a series of classroom workshops, process-oriented discussions, field trips, and portfolio assignments related to coming up with a working definition of what is meant by expressive culture.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 04/15/2013