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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Laura M R Erickson
Seattle Campus

Medieval Women

The experiences of women in medieval society: public and private power, changing concepts of family and the domestic sphere, ideal and reality in courtly love, women in religious life, women in the workplace, the querelle des femmes and the beginnings of "feminist" thought.

Class description

This class will examine the experiences, positions, and influences of women in the Middle Ages. Topics will include women and the Church, queenship and politics, women and war, the economic status of women, and women and learning. We will also examine debates surrounding the nature of women.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lecture and discussion. Homework will consist of close reading of texts and writing.

Recommended preparation

There are no prerequisites for this class; however, ideally students will be familiar with the outlines of medieval history so we can better place women within that context. HIST 112 or another medieval history course will be a helpful background for this course.

Class assignments and grading

Two papers and one final exam. The first paper will analyze the argument of a secondary source. The second will be a paper examining a topic of the student's choice and including reference to current scholarship on that topic. Participation in class discussions will also be a graded component of this course.

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Date: 11/06/2007