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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Byron J Nakamura
Seattle Campus

Ancient History

Development and characteristics of ancient Greek civilization from the Bronze Age to the Roman conquest. Emphasizes interaction of cultures of the eastern Mediterranean.

Class Description

Note: This course was formerly numbered HSTAM 201. If you have already taken HSTAM 201, do not register for this class.

The course is a survey of the interaction between the cultures of the ancient Near East, Egypt, and Greece from 3100 BC to end of the second century BC. Major themes of this course will include the nature of ancient religion, concepts of imperialism, the processes of cultural diffusion and resistance, and the status and treatment of women in the societies of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. Students will also learn about the history of archaeology and its influence on the current interpretations of the ancient world. Friday quiz sections will provide a venue for seminar-style discussions and debate, and preparation for exams and essay writing.

Recommended preparation

Some previous coursework in the ancient world (history, art history, classics, archaeology) is preferred.

Class Assignments and Grading

Two essays (one short 3-4 page essay, and a longer paper 7 pages in length) and two exams consisting of a mid-term and a final.

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