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Ernest Johnson
Seattle Campus

Introduction to African American Studies

History, culture, religion, institutions, politics, economics, arts, and psychology of peoples of African descent as developed from experience in both the old and new worlds. Multidisciplinary analysis of social life from a Black perspective as illustrated in selected historical and contemporary writings.

Class description

See Syllabus on Website

Student learning goals

• articulate how subordination is built into U.S. society through the social construction of intersecting identities and realities, institutional socialization, and the maintenance of economic inequalities.

• understand and articulate the links between race,gender and social class

•improve your ability to think critically and creatively about how the lives of all Americans are affected by institutionalized racism.

•demonstrate skills in assessing and analyzing texts, media content, current events, and personal interactions.

•demonstrate ability to identify social problems and frame them conceptually, for example, to learn to correctly identify and effectively oppose ethnocentrism, and racisim.

analyse and articulate what it means and has meant to be Black in a White dominated and identified America

General method of instruction

see syllabus

Recommended preparation

come to learn and be willing to suspend assumptions as you actively listen and respectfully participate

Class assignments and grading

tests, quizzes, self assessment, and group projects

See Syllabus

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