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Terry A. Scott
AES 335
Seattle Campus

Sports and Social Change in the Twentieth Century

Development of sport in the United States and its importance for U.S. culture and society. Covers increased centrality of athletic competition as part of the new leisure time in the late nineteenth century, revival of the Olympic movement, racial segregation/integration, today's American notions of celebrity and social style.

Class description

AES 335 explores the history of African Americans and sports. We will discuss the historic role of athletics in black communities; the interconnectedness of racial identity and athletic competition; racial exclusion and integration; and the formation of black owned and operated teams, leagues, and complexes. We will investigate the intersectionality of sports, social paradigms, political transformations and race in America during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We will also examine the causality, synchronicity and value of historical developments related to blacks and athletics. This course will consider how evolving social and political phenomena have impacted African American athletic involvement and defined the role of the black athlete on and off the field. While particular attention will be given to historical developments, we will frequently discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the modern black athlete.

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