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Time Schedule:

Santosh Devasia
A A 593
Seattle Campus

Feedforward Control

Design feedforward controllers for precision output tracking; inversion-based control of non-minimum-phase systems; effect of plant uncertainty on feedforward control; design of feedforward controllers for applications such as vertical take off and landing aircraft, flexible structures and piezo-actuators. Prerequisite: A A 547/E E 547/M E 547. Offered: jointly with E E 593/M E 593; Sp, even years.

Class description

Texts: None. In-class notes and article from journals

References: MATLAB Tutorials For example, see

Prerequisites: Linear Systems ME/EE/AA 547 and 548 Must know how to use MATLAB, Laplace Transforms, Modeling and Simulation, Controllability and Observability of MIMO Systems

Class Objectives: At the end of the course, the student should be able to (1) Design Feedforward Inputs for high-precision control (2) Design Feedforward for Nonminimum Phase Systems (3) Understand when Feedforward should be used under Plant Uncertainty (4) MATLAB Simulations of VTOL, flexible structures and Piezos Instructor: Santosh Devasia Office MEB 326 Telephone 685-3401 (Office) Email Class-Room Loew 206 Class-Timings M W 2.30 - 3.50 pm Office Hours Mon 4.005.00pm, Tue 2.30-3.30pm Website for class

Grading Policy: Homework 25 % Midterm 15 % (In-class --- need to come to UW) Project 20% (requires in-class presentation --- need to come to UW) Finals 40 %

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

L#1 Introduction; State-Space Models; Inversion for Simple Systems L#2 Extension to General SISO Linear Systems L#3 Stability Issues: Integration of FF and FB L#4 Inversion of Nonlinear SISO system L#5 MIMO Systems, Linear and Nonlinear Cases L#6 Poles of the inverse system L#7 Reduced Order Inverse for Linear Systems L#8 Reduced Order Inverse for MIMO and Nonlinear Systems L#9 Online Inverse In-Class Presentations of the Projects (need to come to UW) L#10 Historical Perspective and Approximate Inverse L#11 Inversion for Linear Nonminimum-Phase Systems L#12 Non-Linear Nonminimum-Phase Inversion L#13 VTOL/MATLAB L#14 Preview-based Inversion (VTOL) L#15 Robustness of Inverse (Optimal Inversion) L#16 Optimal Output Transitions (Inversion+LQR) In-Class Presentations of the Projects (need to come to UW)

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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